It’s been a good week (last week of July) for me at the Urban University Medical Center, though very busy.

The best news is that I finally submitted the paper I’ve been working on for the last 18 months or so. It’s been a very long slog. I will not go into details here since it’s being reviewed. Why did it take 18 months, then, you ask? Well, suffice it to say that it was a systematic review (meta-analysis) that had to be done right because some of the conclusions are bound to be controversial. I submitted it to a big general medical journal and I hope they take it seriously.

I’ve also been working on a grant that’s due next week. (Note: My ‘N’ key is not functioning very well today so if you find some stragely spelled words, you’ll kow the reaso.) For those of you who are not familiar with the world of academia, writing a grant is a big deal; it’s the difference between whether some academic center will hire you as a researcher or a clinician. Get the grant -> you’re supporting yourself and they’ll let you do what you want (they get a share of the money). Don’t get a grant -> you’re seeing lots of patients so that you can make enough money to support your salary. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing patients; but I like doing research too and that’s what I want to do primarily.

So the point is that writing this grant and getting it in is a big deal. Thank god it’s not the only one I’m applying for. I’ll have a few chances.

And finally, I have an abstract that was selected for a presentation at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting! Another big deal. It means giving a talk in front of a few score of researchers who will have tough questions. I’m terrified. But the research is good, it’ll be better by the meeting, and it’s good for my career.

And I’ve settled into a new office which is all my own – no sharing, no distractions.

So all in all, a good week. Productive. Hope I can keep this up for the rest of my life. Oh, my …