Kudos to Democrats in the Senate.

They defeated the House-passed bill linking a rise in the minimum wage to a cut in the estate tax. NY Times article here.

I always find it ironic that our ruling party touts the importance of the ‘up or down’ vote when it come to nominees, but as soon as they are faced with an ‘up or down’ vote on a popular bill that they don’t really support (the leadership at least), they decide to attach a provision that they can’t get passed on its own hoping that it will suddenly be an ‘acceptable compromise’.

It’s not. It’s run-of-the-mill trickery. If they believed in the ‘up-or-down’ theory they’d let single issue bills be voted on rather than trying to tack on riders that they wouldn’t otherwise pass. And of course there’s the other trick of tacking on a rider that they know won’t be acceptable to make sure that a bill they don’t like doesnt’ pass despte widespread support – in fact, is that what happened here? You tell me.