Nothing really caught my attention today that I feel I just have to blog about.  Same old mideast violence; will Lieberman be nominated by the Dems; same old stuff at work;  nothing really catching my attention.

I guess I can comment on a new experience this morning.  I got to be ‘the expert’.  For the first time I was the resident epidemiologist for a small gathering of residents in their ‘evidence based medicine’ conference.  Seeing as I’ve studied some epi (far from an expert yet, but I guess I’m more knowledgeable than most clinicians at this point) and am interested in how clinicians make decisions, I guess I seemed like a reasonable choice for the senior EBM guru.

I think it went fine.   I don’t know that I did anything outstanding. My major role should have been to guide discussion and focus on relevant points of study design, which I did.  But the presenting resident had a plan, it was a good one, and he stuck to it which left me little to do.

It was kind of fun though!  It’s always interesting to be able to spout about something you’re interested in.  It made me go back to the EBM sites and find resources for future sessions.  And it encouraged me to do some more reading myself so that I have a better understanding of some of the issues.  So I guess that’s exciting, at least on a personal level.

On day I’ll try to do a post on the EBM movement in medicine.  It’s an interesting topic and still generates some debate.  I also have one planned on meta-analysis (any interest?), and another on the industry gifts to doctors controversy.  Maybe I’ll get to one this weekend?