Hunh? Yeah, that was my first thought, too.

But the author of this very interesting blog, Ed Darrell, was kind enough to refer to one of my posts and so I looked around his site a little.

I like it! My first thought is that it rebuts the idea that the humanities and the sciences are somehow incompatible or antagonistic.

Ed is, apparently, a pretty widely read dude and a closet (actually he seems to be pretty ‘out’) historian. His site focuses on teaching history and making it interesting for students and teachers – an admirable goal, and one that I sympathise with, having only come to an appreciation of good historical writing in the last few years. He has some very nice posts, one of the more recent of which comments on the recent Bush proclamation commemorating the anniversary of the ‘In God We Trust’ moto, and which brings forward some delightful ironies concerning its origin.

And as I say, he belies the idea of science-humanities antagonism. He has an excellent two part essay (part 1, part 2) debunking standard arguments of Intelligent Design, and the arguments as to why the ‘science establishment’ won’t ‘let’ ID be published in serious scientific journal. He clearly knows the science very well and is accomplished at deconstructing the logical fallacies inherent in ID. (See my post from yesterday. ID is another wonderful example of ass-backwards argument: decide what you believe and then twist the evidence however you can to support your point of view.)

Anyway, I’m delighted to add Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub as the first of what I hope will be many more ‘history’ links. Please jog over and find out what the title means.