I try to admit when I’m wrong and it looks like my interpretation of the kerfufle after Britain’s terrorist arrests may have been premature.

I’m listening to NPR and am learning that in fact, Pakistan had arrested one of the plot coordinators a week before the big arrests, and that soon after this Brit intelligence intercepted a message telling the remaining plotters to move up the time of the attack. And since the Brits were not in fact sure that they got all the plotters, it looks like the increased security and raised terrorism alerts were probably appropriate.

However, I still stick by my assertion that if liquid explosions have been a concern for over a decade, then why have we not developed better methods of detection or why haven’t they been banned long before.

I still think that the government jumped onto a bunch of stop-gap security measures right after 9/11 without a lot of thought, and I’m not convinced that these measures have proved to be very effective.

But mea culpa for whatever it’s worth.