Well, month-iversary really. Anyway, I’ve been blogging with WordPress for 1 month now (more or less – 30 days anyway) and have a few stats to show for it:

  • Posts: 34
  • Comments: 20
  • Total visits: no idea (WordPress doesn’t tell me that), but I can tell you that I doubt it’s very many!
  • Links to this site: 0
  • Most views: Lincoln says: “hang them’? with 37 this month

It turns out most posts were on politics (13), with remarkably few on Rheumatology and Healthcare (2). So much for my ‘Mission Statement’!

But that’s OK. Shockingly enough, I’m actually sticking with it and am having a good time! My last post even got a little attention (thanks Ed!).

So, I’ll keep sticking with it. I’ll try to do a little more health stuff in the future; I still plan to get to ‘Medicine for Dummies’; I still want to write about conflicts between the drug industry and doctors; and I still want to do some more technical posts reviewing some elements of epidemiology and reviewing good rheumatology articles.

So for any of you who visit me on even a semi-regular basis, thanks for the traffic, and I hope you keep finding something here that interests you.