I’m working all weekend. I hope you aren’t.

Actually, I’m not unhappy to be working. I’m doing some moon-lighting, so I’m making some decent bucks, seeing as it’s the holiday weekend and all. That means I’m that much closer to new car. I’m still driving the Honda Civic that I bought in 1992! It’s run great – except of course I’ve had to replace the exhaust system, like three times, and have replaced the muffler about 10 times. But it’s still a great car and generally has run very well. But the next car we get, I’m getting one with AC!

I still have not talked to my letter writer who didn’t, but it’s on the schedule for Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I have my eye on reviewing 2 articles in the New Enlgand Journal about celecoxib (Celebrex) for prevention of colon polyps. It looks like it works, but there may be some major side effects.