I declared my intention to review this article (the link is to the abstract – you can access the whole article if you have a subscription) in Annals of Internal Medicine a few days ago, and have finally read it.

And I now think it’s not a good article to review here. It turns out to be a fairly technical article that is heavy on epidemiologic methods that I find quite interesting, but that I’m not sure that my readers will find as interesting, and which I’m not sure that I can really explain very well.

For any epidemiologists out there, the major point of this article was to reanalyze a previous article (again, the link is to the abstract) that found that Oscar winners live longer than their less successful peers. It turns out the major issue was one of ‘immortal person-time’, which biased the initial study’s results to favor Oscar winners. It appears they don’t in fact live longer.

Anyway, if I change my mind I’ll let you know. In the meantime you can take comfort in the fact that you and I should expect to live just as long as Gwenneth Paltrow and George Clooney.