I must admit it: I’m starting to lose blogging steam.

I still want to do it, but it seems so hard to find the time lately!

Sent a revised paper in to another journal yesterday, and hope it will be accepted this time. Also working hard on a data set I have to have analysed by the end of the month. And then there were the friends that were in town this last weekend. It was very nice to see them, but there was certainly no blog time. And of course there are classes twice a week, rehearsals once a week, and patient care. Whew! I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

But even as I write this I’m starting to think of things to write about: I still haven’t done the Sept A&R roundup, and now it’s October! I’ll have to get cracking! I would like to write about some music sometime – Beatles? Mahler? Bach, perhaps? And how about some patient stories? I thought about doing that at some point. But I must stay away from politics! There are way too many sites out there to read about that and I have little to add.

So wish me blogging luck! I will try to find time this weekend, and in the meantime I’ll try to keep cranking out some short posts – less whiny than this one though!