Out of bed at 6:15. Out the door at 7:00. On the train at 7:13. Grab a latte. On to another train at 7:35. Onto the bus at 8:10. At work at 8:50. Read Dain Curse while on bus/train.

Talk with the programmer about why my data looks weird. Learn that he’s right and that I’m wrong, and the data just isn’t what I’d hoped it would be. Run a few more analyses and learn it may not be as bad as I thought.

Eat lunch.

Talk to mentor about how the data is better this way than the other way. Run more analyses. Study for test while data is grinding. (Fall asleep for 20 minutes. – Shh! Don’t tell anyone!)

Back on bus at 3:45. Grab another latte (need it!). Onto train at 4:30. Off train at 5:05. At school at 5:20. Read more of Dain Curse during trip.

Buy a sandwich and eat dinner.

Set the computer going to redo the analysis I fucked up after lunch. Leave it running while I go write the test.

6:00, write test. 6:50, hand in test. Didn’t check it, don’t care, just need to pass, don’t care what my grade is.

7:00 – data is still running so decide to kill time and blog. Note that ‘blog’ is not included in spell-check dictionary, but ‘fucked’ is. Go figure. Wife should be here around 7:45 to drive me home. Very happy about this; usually class doesn’t finish until 8:30.

Plan to go home, run more analyses, finish presentation that I have to give tomorrow at 9:30 to present data that is still being analysed. Also have to finish poster I have to give to copy shop to print tomorrow for presentation on Thursday. Hope that I get to bed before 11:00 or I’m going to be unhappy tomorrow.

Welcome to my life.