I have little to report from the ACR conference today.  We had the board review course which is very good but nothing struck me as being very bloggable. 

I have, however, met a few old friends.  One woman I went to school with, though we had very little time to talk, and an old mentor/friend from my previous medical school / residency program.  He’s a great guy; it was really nice to see him.

Also met the fellows from my old residency program, which  is fun.  I got to talk about the old Semi-Urban University Medical Center and City with them (and my old mentor) and catch up on happenings there which is always good.

So that’s really all.  There is the keynote address tonight, but I think I’m going to skip it — in my limited experience you really have to really pick and choose what to attend or else you burn out – and there are a lot of sessions I want to go to tomorrow and Monday.  And my talk is tomorrow.  [shudder!]  Wish me luck; I’ll check in again tomorrow.