Actually, it’s day 2 of the conference proper, but it’s my 4th day.  It’s been another busy one.  A few general comments, and then I’ll follow my model from yesterday and tell you about a few sessions.

So I was told today that we have 12,500 attendees.  Not bad, eh?  It’s basically a small town-full of rheumatologists!  Starbuck’s has gotten a little more efficient, than god. I only had to wait for about 10 minutes today for my caffeine fixes.

A little good news, via email: one of my grant applications got scored pretty highly.  That’s no guarantee that it’ll get funded, but it’s promising.  That would be a needed piece of good news.

The less good news is that I’ve changed my plans and am leaving tomorrow.  I’m off home to my dad and the rest of my family.  I’m not going to go into the reasons for the change in plans, but I probably have delayed going up for too long, so maybe it’s time.  So I’ll go to a couple of sessions in the morning and then I’m off.

Let’s talk about a few sessions.