I went to another session that was supposed to help young investigators get a research career established, but I’m not going to talk about it at all.  I will talk quickly about the epidemiology abstract session though.

Dr. Kwoh confirmed something that has been suspected for a while now; namely that African Americans think differently about health care.  In this case, he found that A-As are more unlikely to consider hip replacement even if it is indicated.  Many of them simply distrust the medical system.

Dr. Felson talked about bone marrow lesions and the fact that they may cause knee pain.  It sounds strange, but we still don’t really know why osteoarthritis knees hurt. This suggests that it could be something in the bone.

Dr. Murphy showed that the lifetime risk of hip osteoarthritis is about 25% and that the risk isn’t significantly different by sex or race.

Finally, the talk I thought was most fun showed that abstracts of clinical trials at last year’s ACR were pretty pathetic in reporting data that is very helpful in establishing the quality of a clinical trial.  The author, Catherine Hill, gave some suggestions about how to improve this problem so that we can evaluate these abstracts a little more easily.

Another busy day today, and another big morning tomorrow.  I’ll try to report promptly on the last couple of sessions I attend – maybe I can do some writing on the plane.