Finally, the big event for me today was that I finally gave the talk I’ve been stressing out over for the last month.  It went well.  I’m glad to say that all the practice and the presentations for various groups of colleagues paid off.  I talked reasonably well and with relatively little stuttering, I made my points, and my explanations made sense.  I managed to peak at the right time.  The questions afterward were good – I anticipated most of them and had answers ready, and managed to dodge the ones I didn’t really have sufficient answers to (a la GW Bush).

The other presentations in the session were also quite good.  Since I’m trying to preserve a little anonymity again (though not enough that I’m going to change my previous posts) I’m not going to comment on these, but they really were interesting studies that were generally very well done.

You know what else was fun?  For some reason, some French rheumatologists thought this was an interesting study, so I found myself being filmed for some kind of news-ish program and gave an on-camera interview afterwards!   Who woulda’ thunk it!

Anyway, tomorrow there’s a lot on tap.  I’ll try to check in again sometime late in the day, but it may be too much for me!

And now, off to read a little Hammet and go to bed.