Well, actually I’m heading to my parents’.  I’ll get back home sometime this weekend.

But it was my 5th day at the ACR Conference, the 3rd day of the conference proper.  I managed to get to two sessions before I had to head to the airport, and they were two good ones.  The other thing I wanted to talk about in this post were the poster sessions.

Think of your favorite football field.  Now put a bunch of freestanding bulletin boards in rows all the way down it so that it fills up- leave about12 feet between rows so people can get through them easily.  Now cover the boards with posters of about 3 X 5 feet.  That’s what the poster sessions are like.

There were almost 2000 posters on display over the three day conference period – roughly 700 a day.  It’s impossible to read them all so you really have to focus on what interests you.  That means doing some online searching, some skimming, and talking to other people about what’s interesting.  Even then you’re sure to miss something relevant to your interests.

I browsed them on days one and two, and went and tracked down a few.  For me, most of them were either not relevant or disappointing.  There was a good one about propensity score modeling using health care databases, and one on clinical outcome measures in psoriatic arthritis, but I don’t’ really remember any of the other ones off the top of my head.  That’s unfortunate for me: it would have been nice to see some more stuff that really applied to what I’m doing, but such is life.

After my sessions I was off, and here I am at the airport with my last few posts.