This is my 100th post. How fitting that it’s something completely silly!

I found this in last week’s British Medical Journal (Sorry – no link. It requires login anyway). I thought it was a joke at first but soon realized that it’s not.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck trained in medicine after a brief foray into civil engineering. After a year as general practice trainee in Skye he moved with his wife to the Medical Missionary College at Ludhiana, where he learnt Urdu and Hindi. He then moved to hospitals in Quetta and Kashmir, working in a wide range of specialties, including eye surgery, until 1968. From 1968 till his retiral in 1993 Donald was the single handed general practitioner in Mallaig. He was an enthusiastic elder of the kirk. Having a keen sense of humour, he enjoyed many situations where his name led to confusion. Predeceased by his wife, Jean, in 1997, he leaves four children and seven grandchildren.

I’m not sure if his name was fortunate or unfortunate, or whether his parents realized what they’d done. But my sympathies to the Duck family. I’m not sure if I hope there’s a Donald, Jr. or not …