So for my 101st post I just wanted to say a few quick words of thanks to you, gentle reader.  My readership is pretty small, but it turns out that I do have a few regulars, and I appreciate your time and comments. It keeps me up and running.

Thanks also for the many words of sympathy and support since the death of my mom and my uncle, both in the comments and by email.   It’s very much appreciated.

You might be interested in knowing that my readership has jumped a bit in the last 2 weeks – actually by about 5-fold.  I know that some of this is family who have found my site for the first time (and whom I hope will keep coming back!).  My mom’s death generated a good bit of this.  But I’ve also had a little interest in some of my ACR posts and especially the glucosamine/chonodroitin posts.  This is valuable to know – I’ll try to stick with the idea of presenting new medical information relevant to arthritis and will try to keep getting general information out there.  If you have questions, please let me know and I’ll try to address them.

So thanks;  drop by again some time.