A friend who lives in another city emailed me today because she was worried that something had happened to me. She pointed out that I had done no blogging in month. I guess that’s a pretty big hint.

So let me apologize for my laxity in writing. I have no good excuse. Yes, I have been busy, but the fact is that I’ve just had a little trouble working up the energy to blog recently. It does take effort, doesn’t it?

So let me try to restart things by filling you in on the personal matters, especially those relating to my career. Hopefully it will give you a little window into the world of the academic physician.

First off, the good news: I have 2 papers basically accepted for publication! The first is that same old paper I have been trying to get published for ages. What a riggamarole I went through! I won’t give too much detail here, because I just can’t, but let me say that it was refused for a third time, then reconsidered, then accepted with rewriting, and now I am just awaiting the final word that it has been finally accepted so that I can sign the paper work and get it published. Yippee!

The second paper I am a co-author on; I didn’t write the manuscript, but I contributed to various elements of the research. That one has been accepted, the paper work has been signed, and I’m just waiting to hear what issue it will be in.

So this is big for me. I’m finally getting published and that’s the start for an academic career. The nice thing is that I have a third paper waiting in the wings. I’m writing it now and hope to have it done and sent in in a week or two. Three published papers this year would be very nice!

Also nice is the fact that the NIH has started contributing to my student loans. Halleluja and pass the bananas! So the pressure is on me to keep producing so they’ll keep paying!

Finally, it looks like I’m going to have grant come through to help support me next year. I’m in the process of negotiating exactly what this means for my position and salary, but let’s just say that it gives me more options, looks good on the resume, and puts me under more pressure to keep producing.

So all in all professional things ain’t so bad!

Personal things are also good. Mrs. C (she hates it when I call her that!) and I actually bought a bed! Yes that’s right. Through two years of marriage, and 2 years of living together, we have been sleeping on a matress on the floor! Finally we have moved up. It’s a new experience for both of us and we like it! We finally invested in some grown up furniture for the rest of the bedroom too. It’s nice to finally stop feeling like we just got out of college!

There has been plenty going on in the world of arthritis and epidemiology too. At least I presume there is. I’ve kept up a little on my reading, but it’s been a little tough lately since I have a class that’s requiring a lot of reading in itself. But I should still be doing some reviews, so I guess that’s my next goal.

And I guess that’s all for now. I shall keep you informed and try to return to informing and maybe even amusing in the near future.