Yes I’m back and trying to blog again. For an initial entry, note another new look. I think this one may be the keeper of keepers. It’s a nice color, a nice font, there’s room for the banner, I can do all the editing I need to do right from the front page (you can’t see this of course), the widgets are well placed and look nice… I like it and will stick with it.

I’ll try to be a little more active this week. Mrs. C is on a business trip starting tomorrow which will leave me with some extra time on my own, and so I’ll try to get back into the swing. How about a (very late) review of January’s A&R to start? Followed by February’s issue? And then perhaps a quick look at some other articles?

Oh my, this done sound ambitious! Well I’ll at least try the first of these options. So tune back in soon…