It looks my last post was approaching one year ago, and I wasn’t doing so well writing consistently before that!  All right, I’ll try to be better.  I’m not fooling myself though.  I won’t be publishing every day, and maybe not even every week.  But perhaps I can at least start churning out some posts on research again, incentivized by this site.  It’s nice to see that someone out there is making a site that can be a clearing house for good (hopefully) research blogging.

A quick personal update:  I’m now a faculty member at the UUMC, have a few decent publications under my belt, a couple of which have gotten a little attention in my narrow sphere, and am generally doing OK.  Still working on my thesis in epidemiology; just starting the real work actually, and better get a move on because there’s lot’s to be done.  I still see patients, but not all that often; most of my time is spent doing research or educating (or pretending to do one or the other while I good off).

Hope to see you again soon …