About Carpus

Gillray’s Gout

Carpus is a faculty rheumatologist at an Urban University Medical Center and a PhD in epidemiology. He is clearly an overachiever, and yet, as his wife will agree, he is remarkably lazy. Why he thinks he can write a blog is anyone’s guess.

Once upon a time, Carpus was a musician. He played in a big orchestra. But one day, Carpus decided he really wanted to be a doctor and a scientist. So he quit the orchestra, went back to school, took out lots and lots of loans, and got two more degrees. Now Carpus is the most over-educated, over-indebted buffoon around!

There is a Mrs. Carpus, but there are no little Carpi. Mrs. C. also works in the health care business. She is a very patient woman.

You can figure out who I am IRL with very little effort, but I am choose not to make it a focus here.  I’m funny that way.

Mission Statement

I hope this will be a place to discuss:

  • Rheumatology – issues of interest to professionals
  • Rheumatology – issues of interest to laymen (and -women)
  • Epidemiology – both of the above
  • Medicine, health, and society
  • Anything else that interests me

I also reserve the right to talk about myself and my life’s impact on me. (It’s my blog you know!)

Contact Me

You can email me here, but be warned! I check this box infrequently!


By the way, my ‘avatar’, which you might have run across in any comments I’ve written, actually has some meaning. A Carpus Kudos to those who can tell me what it is, and a second super-Kudos to anyone out there who makes a diagnosis.


2 thoughts on “About Carpus”

  1. Carpus: Knock, knock? Are you there?

    If you should ever see this – here’s a question from a RA patient (and yes, I do see my own doc and I know you can’t be SPECIFIC)…what pearls do you have on HOW to be a GOOD patient? Besides, being polite, on time, and paying one’s bills; of course. And what the best advice you have for someone with a new RA DX?

    I’m new to a RA DX and apparently there’s this phantom called “Remission” that I’m chasing…with little sucess.

    Still young so I’d like to get a grip on this. I like in the sticks so now that a new Rheum opened up shop, I’ve my first appt next week. Otherwise, I fly 350 miles to another city to see a Dr. there.

    Would love to see you bloggin’ again.

    • Well, maybe I’m back. We’ll see. It’s been so long since you posted this that I’m not going to bother answering it, but if you ever drop by again, I’ll try.

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